At the Ranch – Whitetail: Binoculars Importance

October 8, 2020

Binoculars Should be One of Your Go-To Hunting Tools!

In this whitetail hunting tip, Alex discusses the importance of binoculars. There are many reasons binoculars are important for hunting whitetail, but first and foremost, is because they allow you to see small details. Even if you’re hiding somewhere that’s really thick, and you might not think you want binoculars, if you see a flicker of movement off in the timber, you can put them up and see exactly what kind of deer it is, or if it’s a deer at all. This can help you determine your next steps – call the deer? Let it go?

Binoculars can also help you in areas that are wide open, because they obviously can help you see detail from far away. They should be your go-to when you see movement. They are one of the most important tools to have on you when hunting!


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