At the Ranch – Whitetail: How to Access & Exit Treestands

Today we’re talking about the importance of access and exit routes to treestands. It’s obviously very important to have your treestand in the right location, but what’s often overlooked is effectively getting in and out of your stand.

Treestand Access:

Avoid walking where deer are while getting to your treestand. In the morning, deer are typically feeding so you would want to avoid walking through a food source at this time.

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Creeks and ditches are great ways to access treestands. Cutting trails to your stand can also be effective.

If you are headed to your treestand in the afternoon, a field might be the way to go, but avoid bedding areas during this time.

Exiting Your Stand:

In some cases, your exit route may have to differ from your access route. As the time of day changes, so might the location of deer, so going a different route to exit might be necessary to avoid the deer. You may have to take the long way out of a stand!

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