At the Ranch – Whitetail: How to Hunt October Bucks with Changing Food Sources

Food sources are changing big time during the month of October. It can be a challenging time to hunt as throughout the month, bucks are changing where they’re feeding, food sources are changing, and food sources are becoming more limited. It can be interesting and a little bit different on how to hunt bucks in October with food sources changing like this.

In September there’s food plots, including beans and corn whereas in the month of October, there’s a lot of things that are shifting. The first thing that changes are that crop fields are coming out, corn is starting to be harvested and beans could start being harvested, so deer that are in bean fields probably aren’t going to be as much anymore and deer that were in cornfields are either being pushed to the timber because there is not as much cover or they’re gonna be coming out to the thick cornfields to eat. Another thing that’s changing is that acorns are going to begin dropping. A good tip is to either back up into the timber or hunt where there’s acorns.

During the month of September, there’s so much to browse from in the woods but as foliage falls, there’s less to browse so deers need to be pushed to more concrete food sources. If you’re hunting apple trees early in September as the apples fall and are gone, those deer that were eating those as food sources are going to be leaving. The biggest piece of advice I have for hunting food sources in October is don’t be afraid to make changes and roll with the punches.

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