At the Ranch – Whitetail: How to Use the Wind

October 3, 2019

Why is wind so important in deer hunting?

Wind direction should always be considered when deer hunting – when you’re accessing treestands and when you’re hunting from treestands or ground blinds.

You always want the wind to be coming in the same direction as the deer are traveling, not going in the direction, or towards, where you think the deer are coming from. In other words, you want to be upwind of the deer, not downwind.

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In afternoon hunts, you would not want to be sitting somewhere where you think your wind is blowing towards where deer are bedded.

In a morning sit, deer are probably heading from their feeding area to their bedding area, so you want to be ahead, or upwind of their bedding area.

When a deer winds you, or catches your scent, they will likely run away.

In the morning, thermals are rising so winds are going up and you might have a little more leeway with your position relative to the wind. In the evenings, thermals pull down, so you can’t get away with as much with your position.

Milkweed allows you to see direction AND thermals as it will travel in the direction of the wind, and simultaneously up or down with the thermals.

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