At the Ranch – Whitetail: Hunting Funnels During the Rut

November 27, 2019

Like your favorite backroad, deer and especially big bucks use funnels to navigate the landscape. These routes become the preferred backroad for bucks as they search for does, travel to bedding areas or food sources. Identifying narrow lanes or pinch points in these travel lanes will greatly increase your encounters with the buck you are looking for.

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Some tips on hunting funnels & pinch points:

1 – Funnels pinch deer down into small areas of cover. This can give you a better chance of getting a shot at them.

2 – Bucks cruise between bedding areas and food sources. If you can find these areas to pinch down in between, they can be good, go-to spots.

3 – Look for terrain features that create these funnels – such as where the timber runs down to a river or creek & pinches down.

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