At the Ranch – Whitetail: Minerals 101

In this video I wanted to go over a 101 on minerals, why I use minerals, why I like them, how they can benefit you, and how they can just help you in your efforts to put a buck down or put deer down in the fall.

The biggest reason as to why I love using minerals is for inventory with trail cameras in the summertime – and that’s exactly what I’m doing in this video today. I’m putting down some minerals and I’m using it because I have this food plot planted that is just coming up, so it’s not really providing any food yet. But even when it is, this provides a central spot in the food plot for deer who are browsing through the food plot to make their way to hit the mineral site. After this, hopefully we’ll be able to get trail camera pictures of them.

I really liked Big & J’s products. The one I am using today is called Headrush by Big & J and why I like this one so much is that it provides a couple of different things, one of them being that it provides an incredible aroma that helps to attract deer from further distances.

Today I’ve also got Trophy Rock down here, which is not going to provide that aroma, but it’s a great mineral and deer will definitely hit it once they know it’s here. The Big & J acts like the attractant but then it also has minerals built in including calcium and zinc with other things that are great for deer, great for antler growth.

I personally like to combine some minerals and combining Big & J with Trophy Rock is a great combination because you get that actual mineral, as well as having that aroma to help bring deer in and get them there quicker. A deer might swing by here and hit this mineral if it’s just a Trophy Rock or something with no smell over the course of time, but by putting this Big & J with this really strong aroma down, it’ll get them there quicker and hopefully you’ll get them coming more often.

Another good thing I want to talk about with minerals is that it’s something that I like to use year round. Don’t just use it in the summer or just use it in the fall. I’ve been putting minerals down in this fall, the summer, the spring, and then in the winter as well because it just gives deer an extra nutritional supplement that they can have throughout the entire year that’s going to help bucks with antler growth, it’s gonna help doe with gestation and it just provides a lot of help for the deer herd.

For it to really make an impact, you can’t just put down a 20 pound thing of mineral once. You really need to be doing it all the time and keeping minerals in the ground so that way you know deer are constantly hitting it. Also, a lot of this is going to soak into the ground, so even if you pull it the deer will be hitting that area. One last thing to note is to try to keep your mineral sites centrally located in one spot. Personally, I don’t like to move them around a lot.


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