At the Ranch – Whitetail: My 3 Favorite Rut Hunting Tactics

In this video I want to talk about my three favorite rut hunting tactics. These three tactics are my favorites to shooting a buck during the rut.

The first tactic I have is to sit all day. If you’re hunting during the month of November, it’s the time to sit all day in a tree stand. Or, if you can’t sit all day, sit as much as you can. Just going out for a couple of hours in the morning and a couple of hours in the evening like you would the rest of the year can really upset your hunt right during this time of year.

My second favorite rut hunting tactic is to be aggressive. It is the time of the year to jump in your best spots. This time of year where if you had a move that you wanted to pull or scenario you were afraid of hunting before, do it—get aggressive. Get into those bedding areas and get into those spots you don’t want to touch the rest of the year. If you’ve seen a buck in an area and you’re afraid of bumping them early in the season, go hunt it. The rut is the time to get aggressive and it’s the best time of year that you can get away with aggression because even if the winds are not perfect, the bucks are way more likely to throw caution to the wind when they’re after a doe.

My third rut hunting tactic that’s my favorite tactic is to just focus on does. Even if you’re hunting a spot that there are not a ton of bucks, where does are, bucks will be. So make sure you’re hunting it whether it’s doe bedding areas or whether it’s an area where you know does are feeding at night. So those are my three favorite route hunting tactics. I hope these will help you whenever you are hunting the rut.

rut hunting tactic

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