At the Ranch – Whitetail: Single Pin Versus Multi Pin

In this video, I want to talk about bow sights. There are two main types of sights for compound bows: single pin sights and multi pin sights. I have extensive experience with both, and wanted to compare and contrast them. As you’ll see here, I’ve got a single pin sight and I want to talk about the difference in the setups. Some people love single pin while other people love multi pin so I figured this was a great topic for me to touch on.

Being that I have a single pin on my bow, I’ll go ahead and cover that first. With a single pin, as you’ll see there’s one pin, hence the name single pin, opposed to a multi pin stacked in here. You have got a sight tape for this dial and there are numbers on the sight tape. If you have a 30 yard shot, you can take the dial and spin it right to 30, lock it, and shoot. If it’s a 100 yard shot, you can spin it all the way down to 100 – which is more for target – but you can spin it down to the exact number. So what I like about a single pin sight for that exact reason is that you can take this, dial it into the exact yardage and then take your shot. Also what’s nice with a single pin is that your field of view is very clear. There’s only one pin in here, there’s not a bunch of pins where you have to look through them all and figure out which one you want to shoot with. It’s just a cleaner field of view through your sight and it’s a lot simpler in my opinion.

Now with a multi pin setup, instead of having one pin right here, you’d have a couple stacked. Some people have three pin sights, so they’ll have their pin set for 20-30-40. Some people have a seven going 20-30-40-50-60-70. With a multi pin, you don’t need to move it. The downsides are with the multi pin there’s a lot going on in your sight of view. So, when you’re aiming, you have to look and if your target is at 42, you have to know exactly which pin you’re going to aim with and it’s very common that you’ll hear about people using the wrong pin to aim and therefore missing their targets.

Those are a few of the main things with a multi pin versus a single pin. I’ve shot both and they definitely each have their upsides and downsides, so I wouldn’t say I like one more than the other. If you’re out there looking for your new sights, keep these things in mind and hopefully that’ll help you in choosing which sights to go with.

single pin vs multi pin

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