At the Ranch – Whitetail: Tips for Recovering Deer

Best Practices for Recovering Deer

1. When you shoot a deer, be very observant immediately after the shot & pay attention to everything that is happening. It’s important to pay attention to every detail when recovering deer, right from the beginning.

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2. Take extra care to inspect the point of impact when recovering deer. Go to the spot where the deer went down & check for blood, hair, white hair. All of these small details can give you a lot of information about the hit. If you are bowhunting and it was a passthrough shot, inspect the arrow. Bubbly blood will mean it was a lung shot; if it smells you know you hit guts.

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3. Blood trailing is important when recovering deer! After you’ve determined how long you should wait based on what kind of hit you think you had, take your time. Go slow over the blood trail and keep your eyes peeled for things along the way until you get to your deer.

We hope these tips help you recover your next deer!

recovering deer

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