At the Ranch – Whitetail: Using Deer Scents

November 21, 2019

Deer scents in the hunting woods is the original social media. Both the does and the bucks leave different messages through scent emissions that trigger the behavior of both sexes. It’s these sent trails that can lead a hunter to success if used correctly. Great care needs to be taken when deciding what scent to use and where to use it.

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Tips for using deer scents:

1 – Does & bucks both are putting out a lot of different scents during the rut. Does are putting out estrus when they’re in heat & ready to breed, and bucks are releasing scents to establish their dominance.

2 – Dragging a doe in estrus scent to your stand can lure a buck towards you.

3 – Dragging a scent into the stand can also act as a cover scent.

4 – Using buck scent can bring a buck in as they might think another buck is in the area & he’ll want to establish dominance.

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