At the Ranch – Whitetail: Where to Put Treestands in Food Plots

In this video, I want to talk about treestand locations within your food plots. So let’s say that you have a food plot in the ground that looks great and the deer are hitting it, but now the question is where do you put a treestand? That’s a great question to be asking and there’s a few things that you should be thinking about when putting treestands – or ground blinds for that matter – in food plots.

The first thing that you should be thinking about is access. How can you get in and out of your treestand without busting deer? If you can get those stands up in areas where you can sneak right up to them and not have to walk right through the food plot, then that is a great option for a location. We just put up a stand recently and we actually mowed a trail right to it so that way we can walk right up from the driveway, right behind it and sneak in and never walk into one of our food plots, so it has great access and a great exit.

Another thing you want to think about is wind direction. You want to be thinking about the wind direction because you don’t want your wind blowing all over the food plot and you don’t want it blowing where the deer are probably bedding.

Another thing that’s super important to keep in the back of your mind is having the treestand where deer are going to come within range. We have a few of our stands situated so that the deer are coming through the food plot lengthwise or across and that way they should be in range no matter what. You definitely want to be thinking about how to get deer in range. If you are trying to hunt a big field or a bigger food plot, typically inside corners are where those deer trails are gonna be located and where they’re entering the field. Scout out those locations, find where deer are entering the field and get your treestand in that spot where the winds are not going to mess you up, but you’re still gonna have the deer in range. If you can, try not to place your treestands right on the very edge of the food plot. Try to tuck them back 5 to 10 yards and make your shots a little longer, but doing this will help cover you up and keep you a little more concealed and that way you won’t get busted as often.


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