At the Range – AR15 Cleaning Basics

November 15, 2019

Gun maintenance is super important. Today, we’re going over a quick guide to AR15 cleaning as well as some tips on what NOT to do.

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There are a lot of ways to clean an AR15, but let’s start with something quick that you can do frequently – between trips to the range – to keep your firearm in good condition.

For a quick cleaning, Eric suggests using a dry paper towel to rub the firearm down and clean it off well. Then, you don’t even need take the bolt out of the carrier, just put some oil in and drop some down by the cam. And you’re good to go!

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AR15 Cleaning – What to Avoid:

Just spraying with a cleaner will dry out your gun its parts out more than normal, and can run down into your trigger group and lower.

If you leave a dirty firearm sitting in storage, sometimes the powder will corrode, and you can end up with a much bigger mess that is very difficult to clean. Failing to regularly clean your firearm will also shorten the lifespan of your gun.

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