At the Range – The Basics of Suppressors

On today’s At the Range episode, Eric Lewis discusses the basics of suppressors. Suppressors are not to be confused with silencers. While there are a lot of myths that circulate around these, and they mainly come from the movies we’ve seen coming out of Hollywood, it’s important to know fact from fiction. To start, suppressors are not silent – that’s why they are not called silencers. You can still hear the bullet break the sound barrier when your firearm is shot. Instead, what they do is they bring the decibel level of the firearm down to a level that’s safe for your hearing so you do not end up permanently damaging your hearing if you’re hunting or you happen to be someone who shoots without hearing protection. On average, using this attachment can reduce decibel levels on average of 20-35 DB.

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When choosing a suppressor that will work for you, it’s important to know that they can come in a variety of sizes, calibers, materials, attachment methods and more which can affect how you use it. For example, one suppressor featured is made of titanium, is very strong, lightweight and is best used for long range shooting.

On top of reducing sound levels of your firearm, some other key benefits and basics of suppressors include reducing recoil, eliminating muzzle blast, making faster follow up shots and increasing accuracy while shooting. After picking the right product for you and your firearm, it’s definitely something you’ll cherish and hold onto forever.

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