At the Range: Choke Tubes Explained

September 4, 2020

On this episode of At the Range, Eric Lewis explains choke tubes and the different chokes available for shotguns.

Obviously these can be tuned to personal preference, but a lot of choke tubes are application specific. It comes down to what you’re using your firearm for and what you want personally.

Basically a choke is threaded and screws in to the barrel of your shotgun and chokes down the pattern of your BBs. A wider choke has a wider spread. If you’re shooting longer range and need to be more accurate, turkey hunting for example, you’re going to want a full or extra-full choke.

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While there used to be only 3 options, there are now so many options available. When selecting a choke you’re going to be using in your shotgun, be sure to read any documentation that comes with it and make sure it’s rated for any type of ammunition you’re going to be using. Be safe and make sure you’re using your equipment properly.

Before changing your choke, make sure your firearm is unloaded and that there are no shells in the magazine and that the chamber is cleared because you’re working with the end of the gun barrel. To be on the safe side, always makes sure you’re aiming your firearm in a safe direction. Most choke kits and firearms come with a tool to remove the chokes.

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