At the Range: Getting Started with Ammunition Reloading

Today we’re going to talk a little bit about ammunition reloading and what you’d need to get started, should you want to journey down this path.

The first thing that I would always suggest going to get is a reloading manual for ammunition. I would suggest this for multiple reasons. One, you’re going to need it if you’re going to get into this because it is going to have information on what bullets, velocities, how much powder, what type of powder—basically everything you need to know, for almost every single cartridge made.

Obviously, there’s a bunch of different books. Another reason to get one of these manuals is because I think it kind of brings into perspective, if you’ve never experienced any of this stuff, everything that goes into ammunition reloading. I feel like it’s kind of a moment of clarity on how much you’re about to be getting into, because as I’ve said before there’s a lot of measuring and precision. I feel like going through a manual will help you really understand what you’re getting into. Don’t listen to your buddy or your uncle, when they tell you what loads to load. Always do your own research, kind of start low and work your way up, because the gun that they’re shooting may be rated for a higher power load than yours, and the last thing you want to do is blow up on your expensive firearms, nonetheless, risk injury.

Additionally, you’re going to need quite a bit of equipment for ammunition reloading. You’re probably going to be looking at $500 to $1,000 worth of equipment, and that’s just for your basic entry level items. I don’t have a full reloading setup here, but I do have a few things like a scale, some dyes, and powder. If you’re going to be doing a multitude of different calibers, there’s going to be a bunch of different powders you have to get. Right now the big thing that’s hard to get are primers. There are different levels of primers, including small pistol, Magnum, large rifle, magnum rifle, and more. You’ve also got bullets that you’ll need and there are a ton of different kinds. Another big thing that you don’t want to forget to purchase is going to be safety gear. You’ll definitely want safety glasses as you are using explosive materials. And then there’s a whole bunch of miscellaneous things that you’ll need beyond these basics.

Another thing that I think is often overlooked is going to be where you set up your loading room, or however you’re going to do it. Typically, you’re going to want this to be somewhere that’s climate controlled, you’re going to need permanent space with all of these tools, and your powders and things like that cannot be stored in an environment where the humidity is up and down because it is a pelleted powder and if it gets condensation or any you know high humidity, they’re just going to clump up.


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