At the Range: How to Change the Magazine on an AR-15

Today we’re going over one of the most fundamental aspects of shooting an AR-15, changing the magazine.

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1 Seat the Magazine

When you fire until empty, your bolt will be locked in the rear position. To change the magazine, hit your mag release button, and go right in with the new magazine.When you seat your magazine, you do want to seat it firmly, so give it a tug to ensure that it is caught. If not, it will either not properly feed, or when you shoot your first round, it will fall out.

2 Tap Bolt Release

After you’ve seated your magazine, tap (or slap) your bolt release to lock it in and you’re good to go.

3 Forward Assist

One final checkpoint when you change the magazine, is the forward assist. If you find that perhaps the bolt didn’t full close, you’ll want to use the forward assist. You’ll perform a ratcheting action on the side of your bolt carrier. Just give that a few pounds, and that will seat over your unshot round so you’re ready to shoot.

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