At the Range – Intro to Optics

Intro to Optics

There are TONS of options out there for optics. We’re going to break down a few for you & hopefully help direct you to purchasing the proper optic for your purpose.

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Magnified Scope

  • Useful for long range shooting and hunting.
  • Adjustable zoom settings.

Holographic Red Dot Sight

  • Accurate for short-mid range shots.
  • Quick target acquisition.
  • Small & compact size.

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HAMR Sight

  • Fixed 4 power sight.
  • Designed for carbines such as the M4 and civilian versions of it.
  • Perfect for mid range shots.

Iron Sights

  • Standard, basic sight.
  • Many variations, including pop-up rear sight.
  • Can be effective at many ranges with practice.

We hope this helps you decide which optics are best for you!


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