At the Range: Learning Pistol Grip Basics

Learning the Proper Pistol Grip

Today at the Range, we’re talking Pistol Grip Basics. A lot of people tend to grip and shoot their pistol the wrong way. Today we are going to look at the correct way to grip your pistol.

Wrong ways to grip your pistol include cupping the bottom with one hand while shooting with the other and only shooting with one hand.

First, you want to get your grip. Seat your grip firmly into the webbing of your strong hand.  With your off hand, you want to seat it in the gap you see on the other side of the pistol. Push forward with your dominant arm and pull back with your off arm.

When firing your pistol, keep your pistol grip firm and tight. The push and pull will help off-set the rise in the pistol due to recoil. You want to make sure to practice getting into this position because it will give you a lot better accuracy and stability when firing.

1.  Seat your grip firmly into the webbing of your strong hand.
2. Use the palm of your off (non shooting) hand to fill in the gap and secure your grip.
3. Push forward with the dominant arm (shooting arm).
4. Pull back with the non shooting hand/arm.

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Keep your pistol grip firm & tight! This push/pull will help off-set the rise from the recoil, as well as any torque left of right. You want to practice pulling from your hip right into this position, to immediately get your front site in between the rear sites. Consistent practice and training is key to being comfortable and effective with your pistol.

And remember – always keep your finger off the trigger until you’re actually ready to shoot!

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