At the Range – Long Range Rifle Accessories

December 5, 2019

Today on At the Range episode, Eric Lewis walks us through the most common long-range rifle accessories and their purpose.

Barrel Upgrade

  • For improved accuracy
  • Fluted – will dissipate heat more quickly

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Rifle Stock Upgrade

  • Allows for detachable magwell
  • Depending on the stock, will allow for additional adjustments that the basic, factory stock would not have


  • Increased accuracy
  • Sun shade will help if you shoot outdoors often

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  • Reduces recoil
  • Quiets the shot
  • Makes for a more comfortable shot
  • May have a cover to minimize heat waves that would obstruct vision through the scope

Adjustable Bipod

  • Provides stability and accuracy

Join the conversation! Let us know in the comments what are your must-have long-range rifle accessories and why?