At the Range: Pistol Basics

When it comes to buying a pistol, there are a few pistol basics to keep in mind. Whether you will buy your first pistol or add a new one to your collection, keep in mind that all firearms come in all different shapes, sizes, calibers, and lengths, and there are pros and cons with everyone. Before you head to the store, keep in mind precisely what you will be using the gun for. These basics will save you time and money. In this video of At the Range, Eric Lewis covers pistol basics.

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In this video pistol basics, we are looking at a pistol with a hammer and one without a hammer. The pistol without a hammer is called a striker-fired pistol. This pistol is durable and is better for a rough environment, and is pre-milled for a red dot site to put an after-market red dot site for quicker targeting acquisition. The cons of a striker-fired pistol are you cannot visibly see when the hammer is cocked; there is no physical safety; the safety is your trigger finger, and there is a possibility that it can snag on your clothing and discharge.

With the hammer, you can see when the firearm is cocked or not; it has a threaded barrel extended and has a cap on it. If you are firing suppressed, it will benefit you to go ahead and get a pistol with a threaded barrel. The cons of the hammer are it is polymer, so the frame is strong but not as durable, and if it is fully depressed and you drop the firearm on a classic style 1911. It can engage the firing pin and make the gun go off. Before you head to the gun store keep these pistol basics in mind.

pistol basics

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