At the Range: Practical AR-15 Accessories

When it comes to practical accessories for an AR-15, think about application-specific accessories. The first thing to understand is what application-specific means. This means just because they make it does not mean you need to run it on your firearm. They can make a sleek, agile firearm bulky, heavy, and almost useless machine. Some examples application-specific for an AR-15 are: if you have a truck gun, a gun you keep in the truck, keep it basic, low cost, bare bones because it could be stolen. The firearm shown chambered in larger than 223 it’s a 6.8, it has a giant thermal optic that’s suppressed. It adds weight and length, but you sacrifice that because it is a night vision firearm for hunting hogs. You would not add this to your standard gun because it has a risk of being stolen, and it is excessive. So make sure when you are picking out your practical accessories, they are application-specific. Mainly do not pick things just because they sound cool.

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