At the Range: Range Bag Essentials

Heading to the range? In this episode of At the Range, Eric Lewis goes over the top range bag essentials – everything you need for a successful day of shooting.

Depending on how much gear you need to take with you there are two great options from Beretta, the Pro Backpack EVO and Pro Field Bag EVO. These bags are awesome and very well laid out on the things you will most likely take with you to the range.

Two of the most important things to take to the range are your hearing protection and your eye protection, such as the Clash Eyeglasses. Most ranges won’t even let you shoot without these types of protection.

Besides your firearms, such as the Beretta 92X full-size pistol or the Tikka T3x Tact A1 rifle, a few other things you may take with you include some cleaning supplies in case you’re doing a lot of shooting like a Bore Snake, general lubricants and gun oil, and something like Hoppe’s Lead-B-Gone cleansing wipes to clean your hands after you’ve been handling ammo and magazines all day. Another great thing to take in case there’s some sort of malfunction is a small multi-tool that easy to pack and store and won’t take up too much space. Eric prefers to take a decent set of tools with him as it never hurts to have too many tools!

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What you take will depend on how long you’ll be at the range and what caliber firearm you’re shooting. For shotguns, you may have a ton of shells. If you’re shooting rifles you may not have as much ammo but you may need to bring more tools.

Take the time before you head to the range to sit down and thoroughly think about what you might need as there are a lot of factors that go into this.

Consider taking extra magazines and a lot of ammo. This will ensure you won’t constantly be reloading your magazines and if one malfunction, you won’t be stuck without a running mag.

As Eric likes to say about going to the range, “I don’t go to reload. I go to shoot.”

And don’t forget your eyes and ears!

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