At the Range: Red Dot Sights 101

Today we’re going to talk about red dot sights, specifically the plethora of different options out there. There are many that are similar but have slight differences. So, I just wanted to really touch on some of the more popular ones real quickly and go through their main differences in this video. 

Even if you don’t have much experience with firearms at all, if you’ve played a video game in the last 10 years that has guns in it, you’ve probably seen a holographic sight. EOTech is one of the foremost mentioned brands typically that you’ll see. Basically, the way that these red dot sights work is that there is a projected reticle, which comes in many different options, but the most common one is kind of a circle with a dot in the middle and it moves across the lens inside. With this, as long as you can see the center dot or where that reticle is, you know where your bullet is going to hit. That’s very convenient if you are military or security personnel and have a helmet, or if you have any other thing that is obstructing you from a really good cheek weld on your rifle. With a red dot sight, you’re always going to know where your bullet is going to hit.

There’s just a couple different variants of them, so these are just a few of the examples out there. There’s a ton like I said, and the ones that are mentioned in this video doesn’t even touch how many there are, but these are definitely a few of the more popular ones. If you’re looking for something in that red dot range, lots of things to consider, but definitely a great option for your pistol or rifle.

red dot sight

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