At the Range: Shotgun Shell Breakdown

September 4, 2020

In this episode of At the Range, Eric Lewis breaks down a few shotgun shells to see what’s inside as there’s so many different shells out there.

The first shotgun shell Eric takes apart is a Turkey Load, a Magnum. Inside it has bigger powder, more of a flake and it’s a 6-shot as you can see in the size of it.

Next, your basic target load lead shot. The BBs are really tiny, a lot more pellets in order to have higher odds of hitting your targets like clays.

Moving on to big boy 3.5 inch Federal Steel BBB, the speed shot. You can see it has a wax filler that’s more consistent with the size of the BBs. As they are triple B, you can see they are substantially larger than the 6-shot.

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Down to the wadding, it’s all specific to the application. It’s a lot tighter with less of an impact cushion on the back making it more direct. It will hold pattern tighter as the wadding won’t immediately split open.

When you look at the target load wad, it’s a lot shorter because it’s a shorter shell. Even being shorter, it will hold everything but as soon as it comes out of the end of your barrel it will be flaring making for a wider pattern so that you can hit your targets and don’t need to be as accurate.

The Federal Premium BlackCloud is waterfowl specific, 3inch and has 3-shot in it. What makes it unique is that is has their flight stopper steel. These steel pellets look like they have a sharp ring around them which will help with penetration on heavily flocked animals.

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