Barrett Firearms Signs on as Title Sponsor of New Series: “Fieldcraft: Destination Africa”

Barrett Firearms Signs on as Title Sponsor Of “Fieldcraft: Destination Africa” on

Flying Circle Gear Also Signs on as Supporting Sponsor of Series That Explores Hunting in Africa as Achievable and Essential

ATLANTA, GA (March 21, 2018) — Media Lodge, the leading full-service outdoors content production studio and digital distribution platform, is proud to announce that Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, the world leader in large-caliber, long-distance, precision rifle design and manufacturing, has signed on as title sponsor of the new series “Fieldcraft: Destination Africa, brought to you by Barrett.”

Additionally, Flying Circle Gear has joined the series as Supporting Sponsor with a category exclusive agreement to outfit the cast and crew with their Brazos Backpacks and Semi-Rigid Scoped Rifle Cases.

The video series will run this Spring on, Media Lodge’s industry-leading, exclusive video platform dedicated to Hunting and Outdoor enthusiasts.  The series explores how the hunt of a lifetime can be within reach for the average hunter. Filmed in Port Elizabeth, South Africa by acclaimed producer Paulo Rubio, “Fieldcraft: Destination Africa” breaks down the planning, preparation and thrill of the hunt while also showing that hunting is essential to the livelihood of many African villages.

Millions of wild animals live on private land and exist solely due to dollars that hunters contribute to the economy. Through the stories of these villagers, “Fieldcraft: Destination Africa” will illustrate that without hunters there would be no wild game in South Africa. The series cast includes Jacob Herman, firearms expert and experienced worldwide hunter and Brandon Robbins, a small business owner with limited hunting experience who is in search of answers to everything a first-time plains game hunter needs to know.

Our hunters will head into the Plains with the Barrett Fieldcraft, the company’s line of lightweight rifles designed to provide maximum accuracy in a package optimized for each specific caliber. Introduced in 2016, the Fieldcraft is a representation of the company’s philosophy to build the highest performance rifles for every application. Billed as the ultimate hunting rifle, each Fieldcraft is designed to be as light as possible for its specific caliber to allow the rifle to be carried further and longer in the field. It features a carbon fiber and Kevlar stock design with a high strength-to-weight ratio and stiff construction to properly support the action and barrel, while remaining comfortable to shoot even with heavy recoiling calibers. View full rifle review of the Barrett Fieldcraft on

“Fieldcraft is the latest representation of our commitment to building the highest performance rifles for every application,” says President Chris Barrett. “Even though we are known for making the world’s finest military-grade rifles, we love to hunt and want to tell that story. We felt this partnership was a great opportunity to share these experiences with other people who are as passionate as us about this craft.”

“We are thrilled to partner with such an esteemed company as Barrett in their first video series sponsorship and honored to equip our hunters with the company’s excellent first foray into hunting rifles,” said Christen Everly, Vice President of Sales. “’Fieldcraft: Destination Africa’ is rooted in conservationism and mirrors both companies’ commitment to support the principles and ethics that bind the community of hunters we serve.”

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