Behind the Scenes of Springfield Armory

“Quality requires discipline,”says Dennis Reese, CEO of Springfield Armory in a newly released video that provides viewers with a behind the scenes look at the storied company.  This single sentence also succinctly captures the driving philosophy of the company over all these years.

“Ever since we began Springfield Armory under the guidance of my father nearly 50 years ago, quality was always number one. And it’s never left us,” Reese continued.

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Tight tolerances, exceptional craftsmanship and impressive value have been hallmarks of the company’s products these many decades, driven by the values instilled by Dennis’ father, Robert Reese. And every firearm produced by Springfield Armory, whether here in the United States or abroad, follows this very same principle — down to every last screw, pin and spring.

“When we go looking for a partner, we truly are looking for the best. One of the greatest relationships we have nurtured over the last 20 years is our partnership with HS Produkt,” Reese explains in the video.

As a result of this relationship, in addition to its exceptional domestically manufactured firearms, Springfield Armory also has access to equally high quality firearms from HS Produkt and its impressive manufacturing facility.

“Our firearms are produced in one of the most technologically advanced facilities in the world,” agrees Rob Leatham, world-renowned competitive shooter.

“When you choose a Springfield Armory firearm, you can rest assured it is built with the same discipline my father instilled in us 50 years ago. We’ve produced some incredible firearms, but just wait until you see what we’ve got coming next,” Reese says at the end of the video.

Thanks to this new video, you’ll be given an exclusive inside look at how Springfield Armory has delivered exceptional products to its customers over the years, and what we have in store for the future. And if you would like to be first in line to learn about our next biggest product, then be sure to visit

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