Beretta 950 BS Minx M4 Long Barrel 22 Short Gun Sootch00 Review

Beretta started producing the Model 950 in 1952 and this was a very popular little pocket pistol. During the time, it was a very small self defense option. Of course, now we have a number of 380s that are pretty much the same size. But during that time, this was a great gun just to slip into your pocket. Originally made in 25 ACP, and then they moved up to the 22 short—or should I say they moved down. But we’re gonna take a look today specifically at the 950 BS Minx and this is in 22 short. It is considered their M4, which has a little bit of a longer barrel than the original, and these are fairly rare to get a hold of. In fact, I’ve wanted one for a number of years. I’m a huge mouse gun guy, I love these small little guns to take out to the range and in 22 short, you’re getting very mousy.

Beretta is the oldest firearm company still in existence. They started out in 1526, so these people have a lot of experience with firearms. There are so many different choices with Beretta over the years, and even currently. Now this is the Beretta 950 BS Minx, and is the M4. M4 designates a little bit of a longer barrel, and you may have seen some of the little jet fires, which is in 25 ACP, and then the standard Minx which is in 22 short.

Taking the Beretta Model 950 BS Minx M4 we had just really soft shooting. 22 short is already soft and we just ran through all the CCI we had and then we pulled out the CCIs that were just shorts and they’re subsonic, very low powered. There was a big difference between the two. Honestly, I was concerned that I wouldn’t have any good reliability with the small little shorts and we put it through and it shot fine. I brought out my short barreled 950 BS, and we had some issues with it. I went back to the M4 and it worked fine. So if you’re going to be looking for 22 short to fire in these, I would look for good quality ammunition because if it’s underpowered, it’s going to have trouble bringing that slide back. With the longer barrel, you feel like you have a longer sight radius, I feel like it’s more pointable, I feel like it’s a little more balanced. With the CCIs we had no malfunctions whatsoever with the standard. With the low powered CCIs, we did have some issues. But honestly, overall, this is such a pleasure to shoot. As far as accuracy goes, you’re really having to dial in to see those sights and really, this isn’t made for a target gun. It’s made for an up close and personal.

Overall, the 950 BS Minx is one of my all time favorite guns, and it’s just even more so with these little shorts. They’re just a lot of fun.

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950 bs minx

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Maybe you wouldn't want to carry as primary SD, but it would make great BUG.

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