Beretta APX A1 Carry Sootch00 Review

Beretta has been in business for over 500 years. It is the oldest gun company in the world still in existence. They produce really high-quality firearms and there’s a big following for Beretta. This is the APX A1 carry.

Now Beretta had come out with their APX series, one of the distinct features of that line is the really aggressive slide rails. And we’ll do a little comparison with that with the new A1. The A1 trims down those slide rails, makes it really thin and it’s actually very lightweight, and made for concealed carry, plus it is one of the modular systems—you can take the chassis out, you can replace it with different grip colors and there’s just a lot of advantages to the modular Chassis System.


One of the things about the A1 is that it is a single stack. Right now we’re seeing all these double stack, really small concealed carry options. But the A1 is still really thin, and a lot of people still like that really thinness for everyday carry. And we really appreciate the guys over at Gun Zone Deals for sending the Beretta APX A1 carry. Those guys help us keep guns on the channel, and we really appreciate it.

Again, this is a new gun from Beretta, but it is really an upgrade over their original APX carry. They’ve done some different things to it and honestly, this is a totally different looking firearm.


We took the APX A1 carry down to the range, expecting a 9mm, slim frame, single stack. The magazines go quick when you’re shooting but the one thing that I really noticed about this gun over anything else was the grip. The grip is really solid. I mean, it really just locks into your hand with the texturing especially on the front and the back straps, but it’s all the way around. But that’s really where you feel it and I felt like I had a sure grip on the pistol.

Now with the different magazines, the six round and the eight round, I honestly didn’t feel any difference with my grip because of this lip—and it gives you that full sized grip. Now with the flush fit, it’s going to be a little bit of your pinky hanging off. With this little finger lip, it just feels like you’re shooting a full grip on your handgun and so it was very reliable. I didn’t expect any different. The trigger affects it a little bit, because especially rapid shots, you got to really let it out to that full extent, if you’re used to really close and fast resets. The reset on this is not all that great. But, we shot very well and we were able to shoot rapid fire without any trouble.

One thing that I really liked to do, and I don’t do this to show off, I do it because typically, you know with one handed shooting, whether it’s weak hand or your strong hand, is important to train. Statistics show that about 80% of all gunshots are in the extremities. So your chances of getting hit in your arm are great, and so you need to be able to shoot with one hand and be able to control it. So, that’s one of the reasons why I like to do that.


With this particular pistol, the grip added a lot of advantage to that. I was able to really hold on to the gun while I was shooting. The serrations are excellent. I mean, they’re deep, they’re just cut right – fit into your hand, and they don’t irritate your hand, but they make it really easy to pull that slide back and forth with no problem. And because it’s only six rounds or eight rounds, you’re racking that slide quite a bit.

The APX A1 is really thin. This would be excellent for concealed carry. Yes, you are only carrying about six to eight rounds, but typically in most gunfights it’s about three rounds, three feet, three seconds. But on the other hand, I do like the double stacks and I’m hoping Beretta will come out with a double stack pretty soon. It’d be nice to have this with maybe 10 rounds.


If you’re really wanting that really thin gun, the APX A1 carry makes an excellent conceal carry, and it’s very reliable because it’s built by Beretta!

Big thanks to Fiocchi USA for Supplying our ammunition!

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apx a1

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King Rat

Nice review as usual. Have to say I love this gun. These are so well built is is crazy. And I love the trigger. The best I have seen on any Micro 9mm and I own quite a few. These triggers, I know from experience will smooth out considerably with break in. I have two Nano's with thousands of rounds. Beretta puts on a coating that will wear off or because the gun is so very easy to work on, you can polish it. The Trigger is very Smooth, deliberate and controlled. Sorry not into the internet of super short, light triggers for EDC. These are not target guns. Besides, I have never rode a reset in my life. Funny how Hickcock45 appreciated the Older Nano trigger and this is actually improved a lot since them. If you do not like this trigger, I highly suggest you never shoot a revolver. I also love the New Serrations on this gun. The best I have seen. So easy to rack the slide, a great improvement. And the Stippling is perfect. Beretta did a fine job on this gun. Thanks for the Review.

Comment by:

Without a doubt the worst trigger I've ever pulled. Mush for take up,fells like 10 lb at the break. Have not fired it yet.

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