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New Shotgun: The SL3 Platform from Beretta


Photo courtesy of Beretta

Beretta’s new line of premium shotguns, the SL3, combines the finest Beretta technology available from their various product families. The SL3 platforms boasts outstanding performance in the field and aesthetic beauty.

To watch the reveal live, follow @berettaofficial on Instagram Stories, Friday 9 March, 1:00pm GMT.

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Technical Features

Photo courtesy of Beretta

The new SL3 platform is an elegant and reliable boxlock system engineered to provide the best performance in the field and to withstand intensive use.

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Design and Aesthetics

Game Scene. Photo courtesy of Beretta

You can choose from three different engravings designed by Beretta’s Master Engravers:

  1. A renaissance style ornamental motif with rich bass relief.
  2. A game scene featuring pheasants on the left, ducks on the right and a partridge on the underside. The ideal game shooting scene for a 12 gauge field, over and under.
  3. A fine English scroll engraving for a stunning traditional look.

The SL3 is also available in a mirror polished version, requiring hours of hand polishing on every surface. The result is a striking, contemporary look which emphasizes the refined design of this shotgun.

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Exclusive Case

Photo courtesy of Beretta

The SL3 is the first Beretta shotgun provided with a new dedicated gun case entirely handmade in our new Custom Gun Case Atelier.

For more information, visit:

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