Best At-Home Firearm Training Drills

This virus induced quarantine is beyond what any of us have ever seen. Many are unable to work let alone make a quick trip to the grocery store outside of getting essentials when needed. Not to mention the mass panic that’s gripped our nation and caused a shortage of toilet paper. If someone would have warned me of this a few months ago, I’d probably have thought them to be out of their mind. However, here we all are, ordered to stay home and deal with the craziness. Not everyone is letting this take them over in a negative way. Families are actually spending more time together and enjoying the outdoors more than they could before while still abiding to the rules of social distancing. Now is also a great time to work on the firearm necessities we never seem to find the time for with some firearm training drills. From cleaning our guns to practicing with dryfiring, now would be a great time to work on building some consistent practice habits.

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I want to share some firearm training drills and practice ideas that can be fun and very beneficial when it comes to owning a firearm for self-defense. Accuracy is key and needs to be practiced. If you can’t hit your threat under stress, the firearm will serve you zero purpose. A gun is only an absolute equalizer in the hands of a trained shooter. A poor trigger press will definitely hurt your accuracy. The following drills are great for focusing on trigger press and ultimately playing a vital role for increased accuracy.

Trigger Reset Drill

This is one of the simplest firearm training drills you can do from anywhere, even just sitting down watching television. First make certain the magazine is empty and the chamber is clear. Cycle the gun and then press the trigger, hold trigger in the rear position. Now slowly release the trigger until you feel or hear an audible “click” then stop and hold. Cycle the gun and pull the trigger back again, repeating the process. This drill helps you learn to run your trigger shooting from the reset instead of taking your finger off the trigger causing bad trigger pull or slapping the trigger.

Brass on the Front Sight Drill

firearm training drills

This is one of my favorite firearm training drills. For this drill you can use a piece of brass, or even a dime. After you make certain your firearm is clear and safe, point in and bring the sight to your eyes. Balance the object you chose on the front sight. This is probably the hardest part and you might want to get someone to help you out. Once the object is balanced, pull the trigger. If your trigger press is good the object will remain on the front sight. The objective is to not let it fall off.

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Drawing from Your Vehicle

Many of us practice drawing our gun from concealment. This is an absolute necessity if you carry a firearm. One thing we don’t always take the time to do is practice this from our vehicle. There may be a threat that presents itself when you are in your car, so this is something that definitely needs attention as well. To begin, make certain the magazine is clear and the chamber is empty. I recommend clearing your garment and seatbelt to position both behind the gun. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with this type of draw. Pay close attention to getting your elbow up high when drawing the gun to bring it up and around; this helps to not muzzle yourself or anyone else in the car. The more you can work on a vehicle draw the better off you’ll be. The last thing you want to do is have to lose seconds fumbling in a stressful panic with a seat belt and clothing if a threat should present itself.

Home Defense Plan

This isn’t exactly a drill, but important none the less. Right now, most of us are home with our families. Every reason that we have a firearm is surrounding us. Now is the perfect time to go over your home defense plan or create one if you don’t have one. Making certain everyone in the home knows what to do in case there is an intruder is of the utmost importance. Practice running drills with them and really make certain everyone understands what to do like it’s second nature. This goes beyond a violent threat but also in case of a fire, tornado or any number of emergent situations that could arise. If you are uncertain what this entails or have questions, there are many wonderful resources online to help you create a solid home defense plan to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.

Practicing these firearm training drills will not only increase your current firearm skillset, but they will also bring you more confidence in your gun handling skills. Confidence is different than arrogance. A confident person can run their gun with skill and authority while maintaining a healthy respect for the firearm and what it is capable of. Mistakes and failure will always find the shooter who either displays arrogance or is filled with fear of their gun. So, while you have the time; PRACTICE, PRACTICE and then PRACTICE some more! My prayer is that everyone is staying safe and healthy and our lives will resume to normal very soon, God Bless!

Karen Hunter, Contributor

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Brass on the Front Sight Drill - I wouldn't recommend any dry fire drill with live ammo or ammo around - especially presented to new gun owners. Fine drill with a coin or something else, but I wouldn't show this video to a new shooter because of the use of ammo in dry firing.

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