Binge Watch: Springfield Armory’s Finding Fearless Season 2: Self-Defense Training

Binge watch the entire season 2 episodes of Springfield Armory’s Finding Fearless 2: Self-Defense Training for the Real World.

Episode 1: Tommy, a financial consultant from the Windy City, who is an avid Everyday Carrier. Not only does Tommy live and work in one of the most dangerous cities in all of North America, he also has a special needs toddler who requires his full-time support. 

Episode 2: – Real Estate Professional – Stephanie, a real estate agent from Memphis. Stephanie’s husband owns guns but she has zero experience with any type of firearm and her personal defense training and experience is at ground zero as well. Stephanie’s chosen profession of a real estate agent potentially puts her in harm’s way every time she enters a building to showcase it to prospective buyers. 

Episode 3: Pam, who has recently become an empty nester. “Sometimes I get kind of nervous at home, when I’m by myself, at night. My husband owns quite a few guns, he has them in the house for safety reasons, he says. Guess I feel pretty safe in the house. I’m pretty sure they are not loaded, but I wouldn’t know how to load one if something happened.” An unloaded gun is like a belly button, it serves no real purpose but it feels good when you touch it – Ej Owens. Whatever room you find yourself in, [during a home invasion], you shouldn’t just hide, you should BARRICADE!

In the video series, Springfield Armory presents a series of entertaining and educational real-world, self-defense episodes following five participants that will experience the sudden fear of being ambushed in isolated areas. They will be given the training they need in order to avoid, detect, deter, and if needed…survive the real thing should they ever come face-to-face with evil.

“Are you prepared to survive a deadly encounter,” asks Springfield Armory’s Finding Fearless 2 Executive Producer and Media Lodge CEO, Jeff Siegel. “We are far more likely to be assaulted when we are physically isolated. Unfortunately, these routine occurrences of physical isolation are, all too often, unavoidable in daily life. For this reason alone, locations that provide physical isolation are often used as a hunting ground for opportunistic muggers, murderers, rapists and thieves. Locations that provide the ideal ambush site are gas stations, parking garages, driveways, and walking paths, to name a few,” he said.


Missed Season 1 of Finding Fearless? Watch Season 1 of this highly engaging women’s self-defense training series here.

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EJ Owens is a professional firearms trainer, author, and consultant whose company, Legally Concealed, trains responsibly armed citizens in advanced firearm tactics for personal protection.

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