Blackhawk Foundation Series

Every mission starts with a solid foundation.

The Foundation Series Plate Carrier utilizes cutting-edge fabric technology to deliver a highly modular armor carrier system that is also incredibly lightweight yet adaptable and ready for any mission. We all know, ounces equal pounds when it comes to fighting gear. Weighing in right at one pound (Without Armor), the Foundation Plate Carrier helps you shed pounds where it counts ensuring you can go farther, longer, faster, and stronger than before. This is achieved using our laminate 1000D/500D laser-cut, laminate nylon providing peak weight reduction without sacrifice in strength.

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The same placard mounting interface found on the Foundation Plate Carrier mirrors that on the Foundation Chest Rig, allowing you to rapidly move your preferred mission essentials between the two quickly and efficiently. Each Foundation Placard has side loops for rapidly attaching split-bar buckles for when in Chest Rig use. This helps pull the load of the Foundation Chest Rig to the body and keep it secure during dynamic movement.

The Foundation MOLLE Gunbelt belt is constructed of double-layer, rugged scuba webbing. This double layer of webbing provides the supportive backbone of the system, delivering exceptional gear stability in austere environments. The outer layer of the Foundation Series Gunbelt offers an over-sewn 1000D/500D laminate nylon with laser-cut MOLLE accessory mounting interface. The interior surface is sewn with male hook to mate with your Foundation Inner Belt and provides a secure, all-day gunbelt platform that is perfect for professional use or active range training.

Simple yet versatile, the Foundation Series Flat MOLLE Placard lets you attach any combination of Foundation Series or other MOLLE-compatible pouches.

Foundation Pouches are convenient and accessible. A large selection and multiple configurations to fit any mission or preference.

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