New: Blac-Rac Model 1070 Gun Mounting Units

Blac-Rac gun mounting units have never been available to the public until NOW. The Blac-Rac Model 1070 is now authorized to sell to civilians and can be mounted in your homes, ATV’s, UTV’s, or personal vehicles.

Blac-Rac Manufacturing in Boise, Idaho started making its Blac-Rac Weapons Retention Mounts for Law Enforcement agencies in 2006.  Today there are more than 30,000 units in service with Law Enforcement, Government agencies and all USA Military branches.  These agencies and military units depend on Blac-Rac’s for their reliable security and fast deployment.

Blac-Rac’s will adjust to nearly all weapon types:

  • All AR models and other modern tactical rifles,
  • Shotguns
  • Bolt action rifles
  • Semi auto pistols
  • Revolvers
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Photo courtesy of Blac-Rac

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Blac-Rac’s flexible design also accommodates fully accessorized weapons.  There is no need to remove optics, lasers, or flashlights or any other accessories.

Blac-Rac’s are built with vibration-dampening padded grip plates that prevent movement and marring of the weapon.  They are extremely durable and long lasting and guaranteed for life.  Their design also restricts access to take down pins, trigger group and magazine release and will accommodate 30 rd magazines.

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