Bow hunter makes a series of terrible choices that end with disaster

Can you spot anything wrong with this picture? An archer climbs in a stand for what appears to be target practice before suffering a brutal fall that could have left him severely injured. Had he been wearing a harness, the impact with the ground could have been avoided. The draw length is much to long for his frame. Watch his draw hand extend all the way past his head and hang in the air above his right shoulder. It’s always important to set up your bow on the ground before you climb in a stand. Most archery shops or big name outfitters like Cabela’s or Bass Pro have staff that will happily help you with your gear. Lastly, that sky draw is just painful to watch. Treat your bow like a firearm. It may not go ‘bang’ but it can still kill. Know what your target is and what lies beyond. It’s hard to tell the age from the shooter, but he seems young and incredibly inexperienced. Whoever actually owns that bow and stand set this kid up for failure.

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