Bow shot makes big buck drop both antlers

After finding a big buck in his back yard, this hunter grabbed his bow and a camera before sneaking onto the back porch. The whitetail doesn’t seem to notice anything as the hunter and cameraman take their positions. When the arrow hits, the buck stands up but leaves both antlers behind before running back toward the tree line.

After this video went viral, the hunter received negative comments for everything from his shooting position to taking a buck that wasn’t standing. The hunter’s daughter Kellee Lyn Rolbiecki responded on her father’s behalf in a Facebook comment,

For everyone commenting on this bashing him..he’s my father and he is more of a passionate hunter than anyone I know. He puts in his hours every season in the woods. This kill was neither illegal or unethical. The neighbors called to say the buck had been injured. He would have never shot a buck that small otherwise. And yes that’s small to our family. He passed up many bucks this past season. We don’t kill just to kill. And we do utilize the game we kill. It’s meat in our freezer. He made an amazing shot and the deer didn’t have to suffer. To anyone who thinks this is “sad” or makes him a “pussy” must not know what hunting is all about or really needs to look into how the meat they eat gets to their own table.”

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