Building Your Perfect PRS & NRL Long-Range Rifle Build [Watch]

In this video, Dorgan Trostel (Burris Pro Shooter and PRS Champion), discusses the ideal long-range rifle build for PRS, NRL, Benchrest, Rimfire, and other tactical divisions. 

“This is what I feel is an ideal long-range rifle build. We got PRS, NRL, benchrest, rimfire, and other tactical outlaw divisions that you can bring to the range to shoot with, or what you can bring to the competition to shoot with. I’ve got a good variety of rifles here, so lets go over each aspect of each rifle and what I feel is an important piece of equipment to have to help you stay at the top of the game and be competitive with everyone out there.”

Building Your Perfect PRS & NRL Long-Range Rifle Build Dorgan Trostel

Equipment for Dorgan’s Ideal Long-Range Rifle Build

1: Cartridge and Bullet Choice

2: Muzzle Devices

3. Rifle Weight

4: Bipods

5. Shooting Bags

6. Trigger and Trigger Weight

7. Rifle Scope

8. Throw Lever

9. Stock/Chassis

10. Grips

11. Accessories

12. DTBS – Dial. Target. Bolt. Shoot.

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How to build Your Perfect PRS & NRL Long-Range Rifle Build Dorgan Trostel

Burris Optics, based in Greeley, Colorado, has been an optics innovation leader for nearly 50 years. The company produced its first optics in 1972 and was the originator of the ballistic plex design employed by every hunting optics manufacturer since. Every optic produced by Burris is designed, engineered, and tested in our Greeley, CO facility. 

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