Bul Armory 1911 Commander Sootch00 Review

Bul Armory is a 1911 manufacturer out of Israel, and they have really gained a reputation for making excellent 1911s—especially for the money. Today we have one of the 1911 Commander versions. This is a 4.25 inch barrel, it is in 9mm, and 9mm is now the number one caliber for a 1911. It’s surpassed the .45 ACP. They’re very easy to shoot, have a 10+1 magazine, the hand fitting that goes into the Bul with the match grade bull barrel, make this a really excellent and accurate firearm. I love 45, but I do love the lesser recoil that comes with the 9mm and it is just faster to shoot. In full disclosure, Bul Armory did send this 1911 Commander for this review. I have heard so much about these handguns that I was really excited to get it and we’ve been doing a lot of 1911 reviews lately, and this is a really exceptional 1911.

The Bul Armory 1911 Commander is in all stainless steel. It’s an all steel gun, stainless steel, brushed stainless steel finish, and it’s just very well executed. Again, Bul Armory is in Israel, and they make a number of different firearms, but they’ve really gotten to be known for their 1911s.

Now there’s a lot of 1911s out there and there are a lot of different price ranges, with a lot of different quality. You can go with the budget 1911s, a few frills, just you know your basic 1911. Or you can kind of up it to the mid-tier, and then go on up. So what is the difference between those pistols and this one? One of the big things with this one is that it’s hand fitted. It would be similar to this coming out of a custom shop of a company that builds 1911s. One of the big things I noticed right up front was how close to the frame slide fit we have. I mean, there is no movement at all here at the back. The extractor fit very well. There’s no gaps, no seams. You can see where it fits in there, but it’s really well done. The most important part though, is right here at the barrel with the slide fit. And guys there is, if any, very little perceived movement. The bull barrel is going to give you that tight fit up front. Then we have our full length guide rod, which makes it very smooth to manipulate and when you’re shooting. These are all also individually tested as well. That has a lot to do with the reputation that Bul Armory is coming up with because the guns are very reliable and they seem to have really tight tolerances which are going to lead to good accuracy. That’s really the big thing about a 1911, you should have a really good, crisp trigger. Typically with a barrel like this, you’re going to get good accuracy.

Taking the Bul Armory 1911 Commander down to the range was just soft to shoot. You’ve got the all-steel frame and then of course the ergonomics, the grip with that texturing, it really makes a difference when you’re shooting these. One thing too is with the 9mm, the recoil is very low, the muzzle rise is low, and this spring is just so easy to pull back. All of this just adds to just a great range day. The 1911 is very pointable anyway, and of course with that natural grip angle, you just shoot.

I’ve handled a lot of 1911s, and guys, this is an exceptional 1911. If you’re looking for a good quality 1911, I think that the Bul Armory is going to be a great choice because you get a lot of features: the hand fitting, the individually tested gun, all the different accoutrements that are on this pistol just make it a real pleasure to take to the range. Typically guns coming out of Israel are very high quality made. Again, we really appreciate Bul Armory for sending the 1911 Commander 9mm for this review and adding it to my 1911 collection.


  • Calibers: 9mm /.45 ACP 
  • Barrel:  4.25” inch bull barrel. 
  • Frame: 1911 Stainless steel Short dust cover.
  • Grip: G10 grips.
  • Slide: Stainless steel / Front & rear serrations.
  • Supplied magazines: 2 
  • Capacity: 9mm – 10 rounds / .45ACP – 8 rounds
  • Trigger weight: 3.0 – 3.8 lbs.
  • Safety: Extended lever.
  • Sights: Serrated blackout front & rear sights. (Novak style)
  • Available colors: Black (Oxide) / Silver (Natural finish)
  • Weight as shown (unloaded): 1050g / 2.3lbs

Big thanks to Fiocchi USA for Supplying our ammunition!

Thanks to Robbie Wheaton for his help

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