Bullet Points: Dr. Arnn, President of Hillsdale College

On this episode of Bullet Points, Jeff sits down with Dr. Arnn, President of Hillsdale College in Michigan.

Through the Halter Shooting Sports Education Center, Hillsdale aims to introduce individuals to the shooting sports, develop a competitive shotgun team, and promote interest in the shooting sports.

The Halter Shooting Sports Education Center’s purpose is to expose a new generation to shooting sports, encourage older shooters to return to the sport and to bring the ideas of liberty to life. This is a mission unmatched by any school in the country.

New and experienced marksmen at Hillsdale and in the community have a place to participate in shooting sports on an ongoing basis. Plus, the educational component allows individuals to gain a deeper understanding of what the Second Amendment guarantees and the importance of protecting that freedom.

Classes: Hillsdale students of all ability levels can take a variety of classes, from an introduction to shooting sports to more advanced courses.

Safety: All classes and seminars begin with an extensive introduction to firearms and range safety.

Constitution: Hillsdale is unique by complementing shooting education with classes and seminars on constitutional rights.

Hillsdale College recently announced a partnership with USA Shooting  that will designate the College’s John Anthony Halter Shooting Sports Education Center’s world-class facilities as a Certified Eastern Regional Training and Competition Center for the USA Shooting National Team and sanctioned shooting sports development programs.

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