Bullet Points Featuring Joe Bartozzi, CEO of NSSF

BULLET POINTS Featuring Joe Bartozzi of NSSF

In Episode 4 of Bullet Points, Jeff Siegel, the CEO of Media Lodge, talks with Joe Bartozzi CEO of the National Shooting Sports Foundation. NSSF does a lot of great stuff in the shooting sports industry. We lean heavily on their research often, and they have some great new research out about new gun owners and the pandemic.

Jeff talks to Joe Bartozzi about the Gun Vote initiative and getting new gun owners registered.  In addition to welcoming new shooters, people who have purchased their first gun in the last several months, and what NSSF is doing to welcome and educate them.

“The NSSF is the trade association for the firearm and ammunition industry. We promote, protect, preserve hunting and the shooting sports. We advocate on behalf of the industry at the state and federal levels on important initiatives that were on the front line advocating on behalf of the industry. We have a lot of educational materials, like webinars, all sorts of programs throughout the year, this year it’s all virtual. A lot of material that helps educate the industry in best practices and compliances.

We communicate with the industry through our BulletPoints and other programs about initiatives and other legislative happenings. We also have the SHOT show that promotes new products and promotes trade throughout the entire world of our great product lines. These are the 4 buckets of what NSSF does.” – Joe Bartozzi, CEO of NSSF.

Joe Bartozzi was on the invitation list to go to the White House for the signing of the Great American Outdoors Act. This very important legislation starts to fund the outdoor spaces, recreational outdoor hunting lands, access to fishing properties, and archery ranges. There’s been such a backlog of unfulfilled maintenance projects over the years, and this will finally fully fund, for generations to come, so we’ll have a place to hunt and fish and shoot. It will create access for millions of Americans to the great outdoors. It’s a really substantial piece of legislation for all Americans that enjoy the outdoors.

To learn more about Joe Bartozzi and the NSSF watch Episode 4 of Bullet Points.

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