Bullet Points with Sootch00 of Fun Gun Reviews

August 16, 2020


In Episode 2 of Bullet points, Jeff Siegel, the CEO of Media Lodge, talks with Sootch00 of Fun Gun Reviews.

Sootch has worked with GetZone.com for a while. He is a strong advocate for the Second Amendment, he’s a firearms reviewer and content creator, he’s worked with many media outlets and has a very interesting background. With over 1 million followers on social media, Sootch creates interesting and engaging review videos as well as survival, prepper and self defense videos.

Coming from the family jewelry business, Sootch discusses his transition into firearms and self-defense shooting. Taking the guns he had and some borrowed from friends, Sootch started reviewing on his YouTube channel which took off not long after. Watch the full video to learn more about Sootch.

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