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Burris RT-5 5x Prism Sight Ballistic 5x Reticle

The Burris RT-5 Prism Sight is Great for Tactical and Competition Shooters

Eric Lewis is joined by Sky at the Burris booth checking out the newest addition to the Burris RT family—the RT5.

The Burris RT5 is 5x prism sight, heavy-duty and robust. It has a battery but it’s got the extra reticle right on the prism, so it’s not battery dependent, but it does give you a nice illuminated option for faster shooting. You got the 25,000 hours on medium setting, so it is going to last you a long time. It takes up a very little bit of the available retail on top of your receiver so it mounts up nice. Unlike a lot of the higher power prisms out there, you know you’re really choked up on them and you have to get your eye right in there. This one’s got a nice, very forgiving eye box.

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Burris RT-5 Prism Sight Specifications and Features:

For more information on the Burris RT-5 Prism Sight please visit their website at

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