Bushnell® Unveils New Fusion X Rangefinding Binoculars

Introducing the new Fusion X Rangefinding binoculars from Bushnell®, a industry leader in performance optics.The new rangefinding binoculars continue Bushnell’s 25-year legacy of laser rangefinder development while featuring 1 mile ranging capability plus an all-new ACTIVSYNC™ display system that fluidly morphs from black to red readouts based on lighting conditions. These full-size 10×42 binoculars not only feature the high-quality glass users have come to expect from Bushnell, but also boast the capabilities of a laser rangefinder into a single, intuitive optic.

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At the core of the Fusion X Rangefinding Binoculars is a sophisticated ACTIVSYNC display that allows users to maintain visibility in low-light and day-bright lighting conditions. The ACTIVSYNC display automatically changes color readings, meaning hunters can range targets just as well 30 minutes before sunrise as they can at midday. The display can even show red and black simultaneously if the environment requires it.

“As we continue to celebrate our 25th anniversary of the advent of the laser rangefinder, the new Fusion X maintains our commitment to bringing new technologies to the marketplace,” said Derek Osburn, Director of Optics for Vista Outdoor. “The Fusion X offers hunters the best of both worlds with a familiar 10×42 size that offers fantastic light transmission while providing them with all-day viewing thanks to the ground-breaking ActivSync display. These new ranging binos are simply amazing and arrive at a special time in our company’s history as we honor our 25 years of continuing innovation.”

The Fusion X binoculars boast one mile ranging capability with a +/- one-yard accuracy. To activate the binoculars, simply push the ranging button to power on the rangefinder, as well as to activate single range and scan mode.  For quick application setup, a second button on the bridge of the binocular offers users to select from multiple modes.

Near/far ranging modes allow users to home in on the target while ignoring objects in the foreground and background. Meanwhile, bow and rifle ballistics modes provide the right data for your next shot. Fusion X also features height mode, which uses two ranged points and the angle in between to calculate the height of an object (such as a tree).

For the best possible optical quality, the Fusion X is built around a High-Definition Optical System (HDOS) for clarity and low-light performance in the field. Fully multi-coated lenses give users increased clarity and performance in low-light conditions.

These binoculars are built tough, too. Rubber armor and IPX7 waterproof construction, as well as EXO Barriers on the lens surfaces, protect the binoculars from the roughest and wettest conditions in the field. In fact, Bushnell’s engineers test the waterproof bonds by submerging the binoculars in one meter of water for 30 minutes to check for any moisture penetration.

Backed by Bushnell’s Lifetime Ironclad warranty, users can pick up a pair of Fusion X binoculars knowing they’re engineered and manufactured to withstand the ultimate test – years of use in the field. Fusion X binoculars have a product lifetime of 20 years with 5 years on the electronic components. MSRP is $699.99 with units available in late July.

To learn more about Fusion X range-finding binoculars, Bushnell’s 25th Anniversary of Accuracy or to get eyes on the full lineup of Bushnell optics, check out Bushnell.com.

Fusion X Rangefinding Binoculars

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