Cabela’s Tents: This giant Alaknak tent is bigger than some homes

March 1, 2016

Whether you want to have a spacious place when you go camping or just have a lot of people to go camping with, Cabela’s Alaknak tent is the way to go. It definitely sets new standards in the tent camping world.

King of Cabela Tents: The Alaknak – Spacious is an Understatement

Check out some pictures below of this awesome, and super spacious, Cabela’s tent below.

cabelas-tent-ultimate-alaknak-tent cabela tents cabela's tent

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cabelas-tent-ultimate-alaknak-tent-view3 cabela tents cabela's tent

Cabela’s tent fits plenty of cots

cabelas-tent-ultimate-alaknak-tent-view2 cabela tents

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(image source; Cabelas)

(image source; Uncrate)