Cameleon Handbags for Off-Body Carry – Karen Hunter Review

Off-body carry is a preference among many, and a useful alternative to on-body carry for many people in certain situations. If off-body carry is a method you may incorporate, there are some important aspects you need to be aware of.

            First and foremost, you need to have a heightened sense of awareness and be ready to raise the bar when it comes to the responsibility that goes with it. Your firearm is not secured on your person, so the potential issue of being separated from it is now a possibility. You need to know where your firearm is at all times and stay in constant contact with the bag you have it secured in. Setting it down or walking away from it, even for just a few seconds, could go wrong very quickly.

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            Off-body carry also requires additional training. This is not as simple as securing a firearm inside a handbag and being on your way. Live fire and dry fire from each and every bag you plan to use for concealed carry is a necessity. Most of us have never been in a situation where we have had to draw our firearm. In that moment, no matter how much training we have gone through, there is no way to fully understand how we would react emotionally or mentally. Under stress, we will more than likely fall to our lowest level of training. Training to increase our skill level puts us in a more advantageous position should we ever find ourselves in that situation. When seconds matter, we do not want to be fumbling through our handbag trying to draw our gun properly.

            Lastly, it is crucial to utilize a bag that is safe, functional, and provides excellent trigger guard protection. It is our responsibility to ensure our safety as well as the safety of those around us when we carry a firearm. Your firearm should be secured with proper trigger guard protection at all times.

There are a lot of companies offering great product options for off-body carry. One such company that I personally stand behind is Cameleon Handbags. Each bag Cameleon offers comes with a separate, dedicated compartment for the firearm alone. This compartment is velcro lined to secure the removeable soft-shell holster that comes with it. The end user can orient the holster within the compartment in whatever position suits them best for their draw. Although the incorporated holster is soft, it does have a certain amount of rigidity to it making certain your firearm’s trigger cannot be manipulated in any fashion. This is not a mere piece of foam or fabric, Cameleon has taken the time to make a well designed and safe holster to incorporate within their bags.

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Going beyond safety and functionality, Cameleon handbags are well constructed, durable, and stunning in appearance. They challenge the concept that cut-proof handles and high-grade zippers can only be put on large, or awkward bags. Cameleon prides themselves in offering bags that do not sacrifice style for function. Cameleon has cornered the market in offering concealed carry handbags that not only give you a safe and functional way to carry your firearm, but also allows you to do so in style. Not only are they beautiful bags, but they are also discreet. Cameleon bags do not look like anything from the self-defense world of tactical gear. This helps the end user maintain the element of surprise which is the entire point of the concealed carry lifestyle.

If you would like to learn more about what Cameleon has to offer, please visit their website at Additionally you can find Cameleon bags on my website at

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