Carry Techniques on the Ranch

Carrying on the ranch is different than when out and about in public. On the ranch, you’re moving around a lot in many different ways – bending, climbing – and you don’t want things in your pockets, bulky holsters, etc. Josh Kinser of Big & J and Swagger Bipods shares his favorite carry techniques.

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First, on the ranch, Josh typically dos not carry with one in the chamber. Often his kids might be around, or the trigger could be exposed here. Unlike being at a gas station or other public place where someone could be around the corner, it’s unlikely you’ll need it in that type of situation at the ranch. You’re more likely to have to deal with animals – snakes, mountain lions, etc.

The first carry technique is through he belt loop and into the “magazine pocket”. It’s accessible without any obstruction or otherwise making it difficult to work.

Versacarry makes the ZeroBulk holster, a small, minimalistic option for carry. It can clip wherever you’re comfortable, and makes for a versatile option if you’re leaving the ranch and heading somewhere public.

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A third option is a simple clip that screws into the back of your carry pistol, Josh found his on Amazon. It’s super versatile as far as where you can wear your carry pistol and does not hinder your movement in any way.

Do you carry at your ranch? Share your carry techniques in the comments!

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