Colt 1911 Competition 45 ACP Gun Sootch00 Review

When it comes to the Colt 1911, it’s the original. Ever since 1911, Colt has been making really high quality 1911s, serving all the way through all the major wars that we’ve seen over the past century plus for 110 years. It’s just one of those firearms that has a lot of mystique about it, because it was used by the military up until 1985. This is the Competition Series, the 1911 Competition, and there are some upgrades to this pistol, and some features on it that are different. One of them is it has gone back to the 70 series action, which makes a better trigger pull. But also, there’s some other things about the Colt 1911 Competition that really set this apart. But yet, there are a lot of other 1911s out there some really high quality, some that even surpassed the quality of Colt. But for the price, and for having just a Colt 1911 in your hand, there’s just something good about that.

This is the Colt 1911 Competition in 45 ACP, they do make it in 9mm and 38. Again, it does come in a stainless steel version. This is designed around competitive shooting. One of the big things they’ve done, is make the front strap smooth. In a lot of different categories with competitive shooters, you can’t have any kind of stippling on the front, and that goes from the original Colt design. Secondly, there is a really nice undercut that allows you to get your hand up higher onto the frame. And there are a lot of other features that just help to mitigate the recoil and make it easier to get back on target quicker. Two eight round magazines that are stainless and that’s eight plus one in the chamber.

When you take a 1911 out to the range, it’s just a lot of fun to shoot. Yes, it does have some recoil with the 45, but it’s more of a shove whereas your 9mm typically is more of a push. While it does have a little more recoil, there’s something just satisfying about it. I like the big bore. It’s a slow moving bullet, but yet it’s very effective. And the pointability of the 1911 is one of my favorite things. I mean, it’s so easy to point, the balance is nice. John Browning did an excellent job designing this pistol and that’s the reason why it’s lasted for over 110 years. One of the things that really separates the competition model is the undercut at the trigger guard. It brings your hand really high up on the pistol and then again with the Beavertail, the grip safety, it gives you a lot of just grip-ability to it, you feel like it’s almost an extension of your hand. With a grip safety, it actually spreads out the recoil and it helps to mitigate it. But even then, when the gun comes up from recoil, it settles right back down on that front sight. It’s one of the things I love about a 1911 and it’s really quick to fire. Again, the balance the pointability is just exceptional in this 1911 Competition.

There’s a lot of choices out there for 1911s. You can go all the way from your basic GI model all the way up to a Nighthawk custom. I mean, they can get really super expensive. But for a really high quality 1911, the Colt has been really known for that. And yet the price isn’t 1000s of dollars. So picking up a nice Colt 1911 Competition, especially one with some really nice features to it, it really gives you a lot of satisfaction at the range, but it also can be used as an excellent home defense firearm. If you got the Moxie, you can conceal carry it. For me—just a little bit too big.

Big thanks to Fiocchi USA for Supplying our ammunition!

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colt 1911 competition

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