Concealed Carry Training: IWB Holsters With Alien Gear

Thanks for watching another episode of Concealed Carry Training Videos, brought to you by Alien Gear Holsters. Today we will discuss IWB holsters also known as inside the waistband holsters. We will go over four Key Factors about IWB concealed carry holsters, which include: Comfort, Safety, Adjustability, and Quality.

Let’s get started!

1.) IWB Holster Comfort

There’s no surprise that if you don’t find your inside the waistband gun holster comfortable, you won’t wear it. Instead, your concealed carry holster will lay dormant in a closet or storage unit, giving name to what concealed carries call a “drawer full of holsters”. If worn correctly and made with a soft backing, IWB holsters will provide you with an all-day comfort. Some may even forget they’re wearing it. We recommend wearing an IWB holster that’s made with ultra-soft neoprene, a material that will deliver superior comfort and sweat resistance to your concealed carry.

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2.) Holster Retention and Re-Holstering Safety

Safety should be a main concern for all gun holster companies. Without it, your IWB holster is useless. In order to assure that you invest in an inside the waistband holster that you can rely on, look for companies that provide a guarantee to concealed carriers. This promise assures that your CCW holster will function in self defensive situations.

3.) IWB Holster Adjustability

Customize your holster comfort with the industries’ leading IWB holsters. Similar to the comfort factor, adjustability will help to fit your lifestyle. The most advanced IWB holsters will allow you to customize your holsters’ retention, cant (angle), and ride height. We believe that these features should come standard with any IWB holster.

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4.) Quality Holster Materials

As mentioned in the video, “A gun holster’s quality is what makes it worth buying in the first place.” Every holster should be made by a skilled set of hands and of quality materials. Lastly, holster companies should back up their handiwork with a solid warranty. Alien Gear backs theirs for life…

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