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Sootch is a firearms reviewer and content creator who has worked with several media outlets before he came to work with us here at GetZone.com in early 2018. Sootch has been publishing video reviews since 2008 and built a large following across social media.

Sootch also creates survival, prepping and self-defense content under the Sensible Prepper heading.

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Team Ruger’s Maggie Reese Voigt is a professional shooter and USPSA champion. Her National and
World shooting titles include 2016 US-IPSC Handgun Champion, 4-Time National Champion
USPSA Multi-Gun, 3-Time National Team Member IPSC World Shoot (Rifle & Handgun), and MultiTime Ladies Champion at Superstition Mountain Mystery 3-Gun, MGM Ironman, Surefire World Championship, Safariland Expedition UML Championship, and Rocky Mountain 3-Gun. Host of GetZone.com‘s What’s Hot at SHOT 2022, Maggie’s Mission & Maggie’s Minutes, Maggie is also known for competing on television series Top Shot, Shooting USA and Modern Shooter. *Not available to film pistol or rifle features due to contract with Ruger. Available to film shotgun videos if the company does not also make pistols or rifles.

Luke McCoy

Luke McCoy is the founder of USA Carry. In 2007, he launched USA Carry to provide concealed carry information and a community for those with concealed carry permits and firearm enthusiasts.

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Eric Lewis

As an avid sportsman and lifelong outdoorsman, Eric has always taken gun safety seriously. While his instruction and safety briefings are primarily involving the AR platform, he applies those same principles in any use of firearms. From briefing experienced shooters to instructing first-time hunters and youth, proper use and safe handling are always priority one.

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Eydin has over 30 years of experience in the outdoor industry. He is a military marksman pistol/rifle, an NRA certified Firearms and Basic Pistol Instructor, and an avid hunter & fisherman. His experience with air rifles and firearms ranges from tactical, to recreational, to testing & evaluation. Eydin also has extensive USAF survival training in the following areas: Arctic, parachuting water, multiplace water, and combat.


West Texas hunters just having a good time hunting hogs, whitetail deer, and lots of other stuff! They love to hunt, but they enjoy laughing even more! Expertise includes Whitetail, Hog, Dove, Bowhunting, Birds (Crane, Geese, Dove, Duck) Long Range Shooting.

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A whitetail fanatic from Northern Minnesota, Alex lives to deer hunt. As the owner of WhitetailDNA.com and having written many articles for multiple outdoor publications, he is out in the deer woods most days of the year and has many different tips to help you become a better deer hunter.

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Brother to Alex Comstock, Caleb is a Nebraska native who spends as much time as anyone every year in the field chasing geese and ducks. Through the years, he has learned the in’s and out’s of how to be a successful waterfowl hunter.


Fred is a professional instructor in the fields of defensive tactics, firearms, and executive
protection. He is a reserve police officer and has been training in close quarter combat for over
three decades. Fred is a certifying instructor for law enforcement firearms instructors in handgun,
patrol rifle, shotgun and sub machine gun. He is nationally NRA certified instructor in multiple
disciplines. He provides training ranging from basic introduction to advanced SWAT courses.

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Karen Hunter

Karen is a freelance writer and contributor to GetZone.com as well as several other national publications. Her passion for firearms goes far beyond the writing aspect. Karen is a certified firearms instructor iAdvocate for the 2nd Amendment and personal protection, Karen Hunter is a welcome addition to GetZone.com as she lives the firearms lifestyle: teaching, learning and sharing her knowledge. She serves as Senior Editor for Force Option’s Warrior Forge magazine, is a senior Range Safety Officer and a handgun and carbine instructor. Her freelance work has been seen in Personal Defense World Magazine, Gun Primer Magazine, Ballistic Magazine, Skillset Magazine, Guns of the West Magazine and Concealed Carry Handgun Magazine, Coffee or Die digital magazine and NRA’s America’s First Freedom digital magazine.

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