Our content producers and partners are the most knowledgeable and trusted names in the business. As a result, they have amassed over 1,100,000 fans. They produce everything from reviews to how-to’s to buying recommendations and episodic video series about various enthusiast experiences. Their content lives as well as their social channels.



Sootch is a firearms reviewer and content creator who has worked with several media outlets before he came to work with us here at in early 2018. Sootch has been publishing video reviews since 2008 and built a large following across social media.

Sootch also creates survival, prepper and self-defense content under the Sensible Prepper title.

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Yamil is the face of Gun Stock Reviews, bringing you honest reviews and tests of the latest and greatest products in the shooting world. He is a graduate of the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photographic Arts and Sciences in Santa Barbara, CA. Yamil started his professional relationship with the Shooting Industry in 1995 and has since worked with almost all major firearms companies and several publication groups in the industry. He was a Staff Photographer for Cabela’s in Sidney, NE and is also a Writer and Photographer for the Japanese Publication GUN.

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Yamil Sued


Karen is a freelance writer and contributor to as well as several other national publications. Her passion for firearms goes far beyond the writing aspect. Karen is a certified firearms instructor in both defensive handgun and carbine instruction. In addition to writing and instruction Karen also works as a consultant in the firearms industry regarding product development and marketing. She has just released her own show, 2A with Karen Hunter through a television network accessible through Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV as well as several other platforms. Karen’s main objective in every avenue of her career is to provide others with solid firearm and training and educational information that is applicable to their everyday lives.

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Brandon Curtis, founder of Concealed Nation has grown to the largest concealed carry website in the world. Their primary focus of promoting responsible concealed carry has helped many on their journey to successfully implementing the carrying of firearms into their daily lives. As such, Brandon reviews the best products in the concealed carry world.

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With 25 years of adventure travel experience to streamline production and navigate the eruption of distribution platforms, Chris Hermans and Jamie Wilkinson partnered to forge Pinfish Media to shepherd original content creation for non-traditional clients.


A whitetail fanatic from Northern Minnesota, Alex lives to deer hunt. As the owner of and having written many articles for multiple outdoor publications, he is out in the deer woods most days of the year and has many different tips to help you become a better deer hunter.

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Kyle Harth


Still on Active Duty in the Army Special Forces, Kyle spent nine years working in the defense industry and sporting markets. Kyle was a law enforcement instructor and marketing employee for ITT Night Vision, a Government Marketing Manager for Aimpoint, and the Director of Government Marketing for TNVC. Kyle also is heavily involved in firearms instruction for Military, Law Enforcement and Civilian clients.

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Eric is an avid outdoorsman who loves to hunt and fish. His favorite outdoor activity is the pursuit of whitetail deer with his bow and arrow. His father got him started hunting as a youngster and was there when he passed his hunter safety course at age 11. Not only does he hunt with his bow, but he competes with it as well. He is on the Pro-Staff for PSE (Precision Shooting Equipment) archery and travels around the Midwest competing in archery tournaments every summer.

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Jeremy has been serving with the Los Angeles Police Department for nearly 20 years, both on the road, in specialty assignments, and occasionally to the sound of the T.J. Hooker soundtrack. He recently left a position as a senior instructor at the LAPD Firearms and Tactics Division to a different assignment that is more hunting than fishing. He’s a Krav Maga instructor, a court recognized firearm and use of force SME, and is likely the guy responsible for those few times you see some Hollywood type actually handling a gun correctly.

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Brad Fitzpatrick has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences from Northern Kentucky University and a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts from National University in La Jolla, California. Brad writes biology and conservation-related books and articles for various national publications. He and his wife currently live in Ohio.

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Eric Lewis


As an avid sportsman and lifelong outdoorsman, Eric has always taken gun safety seriously. While his instruction and safety briefings are primarily involving the AR platform, he applies those same principles in any use of firearms. From briefing experienced shooters to instructing first-time hunters and youth, proper use, and safe handling are always priority one.


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