Craft Holsters Premium Leather Holsters Sootch00 Review

When it comes to holsters there’s a lot of different options and because of that we usually buy a holster, we try it out and then we put it in a box to maybe use in the future. I’ve got boxes of holsters that I have bought over the years. Sometimes Kydex, inside the waistband, outside the waistband, leather—I mean there’s a lot of different options. Recently, I’ve been carrying outside the waistband and there’s something about leather that I really like. But, a good high quality leather holster can be very expensive. We just did the Holiday Gift Guide and one of the items was a Craft holster.

I’ve been carrying this holster on my belt for the past month and it just fits like a glove outside the waistband. Craft also makes some really high quality inside the waistband holsters and a number of other things including shoulder rigs, belts, and more. Plus, there’s a number of different holster styles for just about any handgun you can imagine. I was so impressed with Craft holsters that after the review, I ordered four additional holsters, two as gifts and two for a couple of other firearms that I’m really wanting to carry.

Craft Holsters offer premium leather holsters that are handmade, hand-stitched, comprise of premium materials like Italian cowhide leather and German threads. In the stress points, they use double stitching and the holster has a lacquer coating on it that gives it that really nice finish. Additionally, these are made with thermo molding processes that actually adheres to your firearm.

Now there are some processes and we’re going to go over how to make your leather holster fit. A lot of times they come in really stiff. In fact, these came in fairly stiff but yet, I can still manage to put my gun in it. OnceI conditioned it, it made a world of difference so we’re going to talk about that as well.

Even though this one is outside the waistband, which I’ve only started carrying outside the waistband over the past few months, it’s almost as easy to conceal as the inside the waistband. This model is the Lynx and it has the loops, so you can just put those in, or you can just run your belt through and it really is just comfortable all day long.

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