CZ 1012 Semi Auto Shotgun Sootch00 Review

Now while CZ makes really high quality firearms, they’re really known for their handguns, but they do make an excellent line of rifles and shotguns. Today we’re going to take a look at the CZ 1012. This is a semi automatic shotgun. This is in the Mossy Oak camo pattern, but it comes in a number of different colors and different configurations. But the one thing about the CZ 1012 is that it’s inertia fire, the action is an inertia action, and not the gas action. One of the big benefits is that it’s low maintenance, there’s not a lot you need to do. In fact, they fired up to 5000 rounds with the CZ 1012 without having to do any maintenance—and that’s a big deal. Especially if you’re shooting a lot of clays, you’re out hunting, you’re putting a lot of rounds through your shotgun. And two, it functions with light loads all the way up to heavy loads. And so it’s a very versatile shotgun, again based really closely with the Benelli system, which has been very proven. But we’re going to take a look at the 1012—it’s lightweight, it’s very portable, and it is CZ-quality.

The CZ 1012 is a short range firearm, and we’re using the modified choke. Overall, we had a great time with the CZ 1012. My shoulder was a little bit sore when we finished up. But man, we shot a lot of rounds, including buckshot, Saibot, and then of course regular target loads. We gave it a steady diet, I don’t care what you were shooting, you’re going to have a sore shoulder after that. But honestly, very smooth shooting, very lightweight, this would be super easy to carry in the field. One thing too guys is you can move your forearm, you can move your barrel very easily, it does come in two pieces, and then the bolt pretty much just comes right out. And then of course you can pull out your charging handle. Again, YouTube has gotten really funny about showing a lot of disassembly and so we’re just going to leave it at that and the owner’s manual is extremely detailed with pictures, and it actually tells you all the maintenance that you need to do and all the features.

For a hunting shotgun or even for a sporting clays, this is a great option. When you get it in the mossy oak pattern or the wood pattern, which there they make a lot of beautiful different models according to what your tastes, they are just very lightweight, very easy to carry. Obviously with the different choke systems, you have a lot of options to choose from. And then of course with the inertia system, which just helps keep maintenance down and goes from light target loads all the way up to full-house, high velocity shells—so it gives you a lot of options. And again, CZ stands behind it.

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cz 1012

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